Bike Ride For UCLH Leukemia Charity

Today I finished a wonderful sponsored bike around Richmond Park, in aid of UCLH Leukaemia Unit Charity. This charity have been helping my uncle throughout the past 5 years of his treatment for Leukaemia, primarily by supporting his out-patient care and by providing bursaries for the fantastic postgrad nurses who work there.

Edited 27th May: Here are the photos!

The group of riders before the ride

At seven miles long, the ride was short but very pleasant. It weaved it’s way around the perimeter of the park over gravel and for the most part we were riding under the dappled shade of the mighty oak trees. From time to time we spotted the park’s famous deer, and joked that their ancestors must have regularly ended up on King Henry VIII’s dinner table!

I used my android phone to track the route via GPS:

View UCLH Leukaemia Charity Bike Ride in a larger map

For the ride I was joined by a number of UCLH staff members and relatives of current patients. There was even a former patient who had recovered from the chemotherapy received at the UCLH Leukaemia unit. He wanted to express his thanks with his new lease of life the unit had allowed him.

It was an absolutely beautiful day out and it was all for a good cause. Thanks to all who donated via my justgiving page: With their help I have exceeded my donation target.

After the ride, the trinkets were handed out!

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