Blackjack Web Application

This post will explain how how I created a blackjack simulator web application, in

Here is a demo site which you can try yourself

Look and feel is basic, but the demo remembers your user details and playing history upon registration.

Enjoy playing and feel free to post any feedback via the comments below.

My subversion repository hosts the project files containing the data classes, which build the BlackJackClasses.dll file . This file is referenced by Asp.Net Website Code which can be found here

To build the project from the source you will need Visual Studios 2008 IDE and access to a SQL Server database. As the user data is persisted to a SQL Server database you will need to run this SQL script on your database to create the required tables.

Compile the BlackJackClasses project first as this file handles game logic and database access.
You may wish to run Nunit unit and integration tests that I wrote for this project, which are in my subversion repository

You will need to add the dmbl file to this project to access the database via LINQ. Name this file DBBlackJack.dbml. Connect to your database and add the three new tables to the dbml file.

Once compiled, open the Web project, and add a reference to the dll the BlackJackClasses project has generated. You web project should now open.
The subversion repository can be found here

Data classes:


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